Saturday, November 08, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

All this for just $10, folks! Thank you, Meijer, for your great online coupons that allow me to make money on my groceries. I'm not sure we could afford to live otherwise. (I did use $15 worth of Meijer coupons that I had earned free from a previous purchase, so my actual total was $25, out of pocket $10...)


Amanda said...

I wish that we had one of those places always seem to find really good deals there. We don't even have Aldi. :( When we go to visit the family at Thanksgiving...I'm going to be stocking up on can goods.

Mandy said...

Does your Meijer double coupons?

Alaina said...

Impressive - could you grocery shop for me? :) I'm doing horrible with couponing etc.

Jeremy said...

I do coupons and use the ads and I do pretty good most of the time but I never get deals as good as you.

I have an idea...instead of getting together for massages and pedicures, how about you just teach me to shop like you!! Hmmm...maybe not.

By the way, that is a lot of jello!


Kerrie said...

I'm so jealous,I don't ever get that good of a deal!

Megan said... you take all three kids with you when you do this sort of shopping? I can't think well enough to score any good deals when my little ones are blabbing :)