Thursday, February 22, 2007

Purses, Teeth, and Tick-a Tick-a

Kathryn loves her new purse that Gramma gave her for Valentine's Day. She puts it on her shoulder, says, "Okay. Bye. See you.", walks to the door, walks back into the room and says, "Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!" (using the exact same inflection that I use, of course). This would go on for hours if I continued to respond
e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e.
Just being silly...

Kathryn just popped three more teeth through. Who would have thought we would go from 4 to 15 teeth in 1 1/2 months!!!! Let's hope Olivia is a more *typical* teether :)

Olivia has discovered the joys of being tickled. Kathryn loves to "tick-a tick-a" her. Thankfully, she loves it too :). If someone grabbed my foot and pushed my toes into my mouth, I am pretty sure I would scream for my life. For some reason, Olivia thinks this is hysterical. Unless she is starving or exhausted, this is practically a guaranteed laugh (which in turn is a guaranteed smile from Daddy and me :).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It happened again...

Obviously I didn't learn my lesson the first time and forgot to strap "Oyia" into her swing again, and she rolled over (see below post). It worked out well, though, because this time I was able to get a picture of it. I still can't figure out how she can do this without falling out.

This is Kathryn's new favorite hiding place. She is really into closing the door behind her these days. Thankfully, this one will not close all the way :)

"Quiet Time" Isn't she looking like such a big girl???