Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cheerio from the Cherrypop gals!

These little ladies have been in waiting for quite a while now. Finally, I got the spark I needed to get them off my desk. They are each doing some of my very favorite things. From eating birthday cake, to shopping, to baking, to getting ready for the Holidays, each little Cherrypop Doll is as busy as she can be.
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Julia Peters said...

Those are absolutely adorable! Were they purchased or did someone make them?

Jeremy said...

Those are so cute!! Where did you get those?

Micah said...

Thanks, gals! I actually made them. I was inspired by hers and made them my own. I painted their heads/faces, then they sat on my desk for about 2 months before I was inspired with how to finish them up. So glad you like them!

Jeremy said...

No wonder I couldn't find them online anywhere! You are so stinkin' crafty I can't stand it!! You need to teach me how to make them...they would make such cute gifts!