Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Olivia loves oatmeal cookies. Don't ask how I know. Well, actually, it is still unconfirmed. All I know is that there was half a cookies worth of crumbs under Kathryn's high chair, and when I went back to clean it up an hour or so later, it was gone. Then, later that afternoon when I went to offer Olivia a bite, she took it eagerly - not the usual suspicious look she gives when I offer her a new food. Ignorance is bliss. She is now most affectionately known as our "puppy dog".

We have had a fly living in our house so long now that Kathryn thinks it's a pet. We walked in the door from a trip to Wal-Mart last night and she said, "Where's the bug? Flyyyyy, are you???" Yikes!

And now, here are a few of our new favorite hobbies:

Kathryn brought her stroller to me and said, "I push Uyia, pease?" She pushed her around the "circle" in our house for at least 15 minutes...
Olivia got caught in Brad's pant leg when she went to pull up :)
Chillin' while Mom gets ready...
Olivia learns to blow the pitch pipe... She wants to be a song leader like her Daddy ;)
I have no idea how she got up here so fast... I turned around, and there she was!
Olivia in Kate's baby doll carrier...
Kate's new favorite hiding spot

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I was doing the dishes this morning when Kate yells, "Moooommy, Uyia's donen up in the stairs!!!!!" Sure enough, I ran in to see Olivia on the 3rd step. She turned around and had the biggest, most satisfied grin on her face. I stood behind her while she walked the rest of the way up - all 16. What a big girl she is!
I always thought I would be so glad when Kathryn learned to talk and could just tell me what she wanted. Well, my wish has now come true, and how does the old saying go? "Be careful what you wish for..." No, really, it is nice, but she sure is an opinionated little 2 year old. Yesterday I asked her what she wanted for lunch. She said, "Ummm... how 'bout chotate?" Of course, like any good mother I quickly reminded her we don't have chocolate for lunch, then asked her again what she would like. "Ummm... how 'bout peanut butter san-ich?" Now if I could just get Brad to tell me what he wants :).Gramma and Aunt Norma took us to the zoo last week. It was such a fun day, and the girls did great. We were there from 8:30 - 12:00 and Olivia didn't even make a peep. She was so content to just ride along and eat puffed corn :).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A real update

I realized I hadn't shared many Kathryn & Olivia-isms of late. I typed this up earlier for my journal and decided to share. Enjoy!

Kathryn love, love, loves to sing. She sings all the time. Her favorite toon is "Twinka Twinka Yitta Stawa" (sung with a good 'ol southern accent). We sing lots of things to that toon, including "Jesus Loves Me" - it works, try it! She also likes very much to make up her own versions of songs. Last week we were singing "Jesus Loves Me" and at the very last stanza, (..the Bible tells me so), she substituted "I-i want a dink".

I've been trying to think of "different" things for breakfast, as it is not Kathryn's favorite meal of the day. I came up with french toast one day - real original, I know. I sprinkled it with powdered sugar, and had syrup for her to dip it. She asked me, "what is it, Mommy?", and I responded, "It's called french toast". For some reason she wasn't satisfied with my answer, so she continued to ask me over and over. Finally, she asked me for about the fifth time, "what is it, Mommy?" I once again responded, "it's french toast". She pointed to the powdered sugar and said, "No, Mommy, it's snow!"

She has just within the last month come to the realization that Mommy and Daddy have "other" names. Of course, she has been calling me "honey" for a while now, but she has started asking where Brad is: "Honey, where's Bad? Baaaad? Are you?" Then one day while I was working on her scrapbook I showed her a picture of me and asked who it was: "It's Mitah, Mommy!" It's harder to correct than you might think. I think Brad and I are just going to have to resort to calling each other Mommy and Daddy ALL the time.

She pretends all the time. Here are a few of her favorite things to pretend:
1. Leaving. She loves to be going somewhere. She will get on her little trike, and say, "Bye, Mommy. Bye, Oiya. See ya. I wuv you. Have fun." Then when she comes back in she says, "Hi! Dood to see ya!"
2. Talking on the phone. She is usually talking to one of three people: Gramma, Nana, or Rosie
3. Sleeping. She loves "bankets", and constantly is "gonen (going) to seep". If you don't wake her up soon enough, she says, "Wate up, Mommy?"

Whenever she is bored, she either wants to go to Rosie's house, Nana's house, or Gramma's house. That's where I want to go when I'm bored too :).

All signs are showing that Kathryn has outgrown her milk allergy. With the weight issues that we've been struggling with over the past year, this truly is an answer to prayer. I haven't had her back to the Dr. yet, but we can see definite signs that our little girl is getting to be not-too-little anymore.

Olivia is growing like a little weed. She is crawling all over the place, and pulling up on anything and everything. We have had our share of "accidents". So far, she has pulled a chair and my sewing machine case on top of her. She loves to eat baby food. Her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, and her favorite of all, oatmeal cereal - she can't get enough of it. She says "DaDa" all the time, and has the sweetest voice. She is the happiest, most content little thing I've ever seen.

Kathryn and Olivia are really beginning to "play" together. First thing in the morning, they get so excited to see each other. Kathryn loves to be the first one in O's room. She opens the door and says, "Dood Mornin', Oiya! You seep dood?" Both of their faces light up when they see each other.

Lately, Kathryn has become quite the entertainer. Olivia thinks Kathryn is really hilarious, and Olivia's laugh makes Kathryn get even crazier, bringing on even more hearty laughing from both parties. Yesterday Olivia had found a coin and put it in her mouth. Before I could get to her, Kathryn ran over to her and said "Not in the mouth, Oiya, not in the mouth. Ahhhhhh (opening her mouth for Olivia to mimic her)". Olivia opened her mouth and Kathryn took the coin out. She'll make a great babysitter one day :).

"Children are a gift from the LORD ; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior's hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates."
Psalm 127:3-5

Of course, I can't end a post without a few sweet pictures :). These are of a wedding we attended last weekend. Our good friends Adam & Rosie and Jeremy & Jessica were there. Here are some pictures of all of our girls and us.

The day after the wedding was Claire's birthday. That was a pretty fun day, too ;-)

There were way too many cute pictures to choose between, so I just picked a few and quit looking at all the ones I was leaving out. Many thanks to Jessica for the great pictures!