Friday, November 30, 2007

Sew I've been a little busy...

Preparing for a craft fair of all things. Yes, that thing I said I'd never do again. A girl from church asked me if I'd like to put a few things out at her booth at a band booster craft fair this weekend. I crammed this week and made as much as I could. Mom watched the girls for me yesterday afternoon so I could finish up, and here we go! It's only 3 hours long, so if I have no customers at least I don't have to be depressed for too long over it :).

Olivia is trying to cut her molars, so she hasn't had a nap the past 2 days, which is really no fun for Mommy. She hasn't been too cranky, just really LOUD and demanding - nothing abnormal, really :). Today I changed her diaper and noticed something round and shiny. Yes, no joke, my earring. I panicked and tried to think of anything else that would be lying around our house that has come up missing??? Who knows what else she's swallowed without me even getting the chance to worry about it?!? Thankfully, it's out and all is well (although I'm not sure where the other one is, come to think of it...) Brad wants to know if I'll be wearing these earrings still. I think it's a great excuse for him to buy me a new pair :).

Olivia's favorite-word-of-the-day today is "ouch". Every time she says it she and Kathryn both start laughing hysterically, so of course she keeps saying it over, and over... and over.

Monday is our big day! We'll find out if we're having a BOY or a GIRL. Of course I'm hoping for a girl and Brad is holding out for a boy. Yikes! I'll check back in then!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter coats, Bathtub fun, T.P., and other fun stories

I can't start my post without acknowledging some others who's posts have been much more inspiring than mine lately. I have thoroughly enjoyed Alaina's posts. She has so many good tips on where to buy fresh and organics (which has been so helpful to me just moving back to the area), and lots of fun links to menu planning and giveaways. I've especially enjoyed her new recipe blog. Thanks, Alaina!

The second inspiring blog has been Amy's. She has recently posted alot of money saving tips that have been so fun and informative. She also led me to this blog which I can't seem to get enough of. It has been so helpful, and I've enjoyed the "rush" of getting stuff for free :). Keep it up, girls! I wish I could think of something useful that I could share :)

Aunt Rosie and Uncle Adam got the girls these sweet coats when we left Tennessee. They thought they might come in handy :). We finally got them to pose in them. If we could have only matched Olivia's smile in the first picture with Kathryn's in the second - story of my life...

I caught Olivia in the bathroom unrolling ALL of the toilet paper the other day. I walked in and said, "Olivia Belle, what do you think you're doing?" She looked me in the eye, put a tiny piece of toilet paper up to her nose, and blew out with her mouth. At least she thought she was doing something constructive :).

One night Kathyrn just couldn't get to sleep. She got up several times asking if it was time to "wate up". Finally, Brad said, "let's just let her get up for a few minutes." Of course, as soon as we had put down the girls that night, we had broken out the powdered sugar donuts (don't tell me you don't do this at your house too =). So when Brad said she could get up, I said that was fine, but she didn't need to have any donuts. Kate walks out into the living room, looks straight at the donuts (she has a way of sniffing out sweets), and says in the most emphatic voice ever, "DONUTS, DAD! WOW!!!" It was too cute, and of course, we couldn't say no to that :).

The other day the girls and I were riding in the car, and I had to break very suddenly. I said, "Hold on, girls! Quick stop!" Kathyrn thought that was so funny, and was laughing hysterically. Once we got stopped, she said, "Whoa, Mom! That was too close!!!"

Yesterday on our way home from the ladies Bible class we stopped at Wendy's to get some lunch before heading home. I gave the girls each a fry. Olivia immediately put hers in her mouth. Kathryn waited and said, "Mom, is it too hot?" Olivia looked at Kathryn, took hers out of her mouth, blew it once, then put it back in :)

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We truly do have so much to be thanful for.
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Friday, November 09, 2007


Thank you all for your congratulations and well wishes on our upcoming arrival. While it was most definitely a surprise, it is indead a blessing from the Lord, and we covet your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of yet another bundle of joy. I am due around the middle of April - right around the end of Brad's big "tax season", and also when we're hopefully due to move into our new house. We're trying not to stress over all of these things that will be happening all at once, and leave them in the Lord's hands to work out the timing for us. It is very overwhelming if we let ourselves dwell on the details. Our house has still not sold, but Brad did talk to our realtor last night and found out it was almost sold, but the couple wasn't approved for the mortgage :-(. At least that gave us some hope...

The girls have adjusted fairly well to the move. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have said they had adjusted great, but looking back now, I can see it has been a process of adjustment. In fact, as Brad was tucking them into bed tonight I was thinking, probably just as of this week have they gone to bed without question or complaint - which is very unusual. I have always been able to lay them down at strange places, and they've gone right to sleep without a peep. Once everything started changing, they started getting very sceptical of what was going on. Kathryn is especially perceptive, and everytime we would go somewhere new she wouldn't leave my side. Now, every morning when she wakes up, she goes through her list of "friends" to see if we're going anywhere "fun" that day :).

We have made great strides in other areas as well. Up until the past couple of days, Kathryn was constantly asking to "go home", or "go see Claire". I found this really tugged at my heartstrings, and I just ached for her, and was longing for normality to return for her sake. These requests have definitely lessened, and I am torn between being thankful for her contentment, and being sad that she is starting to see a new "home" and new "friends". It was almost like I was looking to her to relate to me missing my home, and my best friend.

Last Wednesday, Kathryn went to Bible class all by herself for the first time! I was so proud of her! We've been asking her if she would like to go for a while, and have tried sitting in with her, but as soon as we would try to leave, she would cry. Finally Wednesday, she said she wanted to go, Brad took her in, and she never looked back! She and Olivia both have become Miss Independence over the last week or so. I hardly even see them at church, and we are always searching for them when it's time to go home. Our little girls are growing up :).

Now, concerning my last post and all those who have never been so great at math and thought we were having triplets (I won't say any names :-D)... The saying usually goes, "and baby makes three", thus, Kathryn would be three, Olivia would be four, and now... TA DA... one more baby makes FIVE.

p.s. as soon as I can find the USB cord for our camera I'll post some new pictures. It must still be packed :)