Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kathryn on Getting Big

I wish you could be at our house sometime at lunch when it's just me and the girls, but then it wouldn't just be "me and the girls" and so the conversation would not be the same. Most days I sit down, we start talking, and I think "where is the video camera so I could record this?!?" This was one of those days. We sat down to eat, and the conversation went like this:

K: "Mom, I'm getting SO big, that I'm almost bigger than Daddy, right?"
M: "Well, Daddy is pretty big, and he's a boy, so you probably won't ever be that big, but you are getting bigger every day."
K: "Yeah, and soon I'll be so much bigger that I can driiiiive (pretend stearing a car with her hands and arms flailing), and go to the grocery, and get all the food, then come in and make lunch, and do the dishes. Then you and Dad will be the little girls and YOU can take a nap!"
(me thinking "Boy, does that sound like a good plan!")
K: "No, that's not right is it, Mom?"
M: "What?"
K: "That you'll get little again? You'll just always be big, and we'll get big, and then we'll all be big, right?"
M: "Right."
K: "And then, Maggie will not be the baby anymore, but that's okay because I'll be big and I'll get a baby in my belly! Then I'll have to go the hospital and they'll take the baby out for me. Mom, does that hurt?"
M: "Yes, it hurts very, very much."
K: "Did it hurt when you had Maggie?"
M: "Yes, very much!"K: "Oh, did you cry?"
M: "No, because I was big and strong and brave, and you will be too."
K: "Well, maybe I just won't have a baby, because I'll just have Titus." (a 5 month old at church, who apparently isn't going to get bigger as everyone else does.)

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McIntosh Twins said...

Funny! The girls are on the same kick right now as well about how they are getting bigger and they won't ever be a baby anymore. Funny little girls.