Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Little Nashville

Brad picked up his Mom in Louisville last night and she'll be with us for the week. We decided to take the day and head to Brown County, since the weather was supposed to be nice. It was beyond nice. It was absolutely perfect, and the trees were gorgeous. All around, it was just a wonderful day.
We made it there around lunch time and ate at the Hob Nob cafe, then walked around the little shops until we were hungry again - then we got ice cream =)
Maggie's impression of a french fry - That's a pediatric approved first food, right?
The girls (especially Livie) were obsessed with this big dog. If the thing had been real, they would have been completely freaked out.
Then off to the park for a little play time. This might be my new favorite picture.
The country side was breathtaking. We took the "scenic route" through the park and this was one of the pullover spots.
Maggie is so in love with her sisters, and she loves that she sits between them in the car. She was well entertained the whole way home...


Amy K said...

Hasn't this weather been amazing!!

Anonymous said...

You been holding out on us pleonites. Came over here and found a whole cache that was not on plea. sg