Friday, December 29, 2006

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is over...

Time to get the laundry caught up, Christmas presents put away, and the kids back on schedule. Here is an overview of our holiday season...
Miss Kathryn Claus Miss Olivia Claus The Petty Family Christmas party was a huge success... (except for the fact that Olivia screamed almost the entire night) Fortunately, she didn't spoil it for the rest of us.
Gramma made Kathryn a Moses Basket for her baby dolls. When Gramma put a baby doll in it to show her how to use it, she looked for a second, pulled the baby doll out and climbed in!
Santa brought Olivia a Bumbo seat. She LOVES it!!! (and so does Mom!) Kathryn was a little overwhelmed with Tickle Me Elmo X-treme. She did, however, LOVE the box. The rest of us really couldn't stop laughing, and Brad "tickled" him all day.
We made huge strides with Pheobe ("Bee-Dee") over the weekend. Here she is feeding her Life cereal :).
For some unknown reason, whenever Claire is sitting on the floor, Kathryn feels compelled to sit in her lap :). Thankfully, Claire doesn't seem to mind. She just looks at her like she's crazy....
This is the real "Kathryn's Korner". She spends about 1/4 of her day here listening to her favorite One Voice Kid's CD.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Prepare to be overloaded with pictures...

Needless to say, I finally reloaded my photo software. I have so many great pictures back as far as Thanksgiving, but I will spare you all :). Here are a few more recent ones.
When Rosie and Claire stop by, it is always a much needed diversion. This day especially...

Claire learns to drive

Kathryn's new pastime

A friend's blog made me realize that I really needed to get some pictures of Olivia's sweet little smile. It is so contagious... even at 5 in the morning :)

Kathryn's very favorite thing in the world is to play with Olivia. I can already tell they will be best buds one day. Most of the time when I look over at the two of them, Kathryn looks like she is about to crush Olivia's head, but Olivia never cries! In fact, no one can make her stop crying faster than Kathryn! Too bad she's not old enough to babysit...
The only other news we have is that Kathryn is finally starting to get all of her teeth in. And when I say all, I mean all. She is working on seven right now. Needless to say, she has been a BEAR; but who can blame her? Perfect timing too with Christmas right around the corner :).

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Christmas

And here is our Christmas card :). Unfortunately, time crept up on me and I am not going to be able to get cards out this year... but here are Christmas pictures of our sweet little girls. Just a reminder... I haven't received very many emails with the contact info that I requested in my last post. Unfortunately, due to the hard drive crashing, I am missing most of your addresses and phone numbers. If you have my email address, please email this info to me ASAP. The only people exempt from this are those who go to church with us and family. I have hard copies of those. If you're wondering whether I mean you, YES, I do!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lesson Learned.

One month, one plumbing leak (thank you), one crashed hard drive (thank you), and a few Thanksgiving pounds later, here is my very long overdue post. Unfortunately, we have not loaded the software for our camera yet, so I have no pictures to post. Let me assure you, though; much fun was had by all. I have never seen Kathryn enjoy herself as much as she did with all of her cousins. I hardly saw her the whole time we were home! Brad and I had a great time too, getting to catch up with family and old friends.

Since our hard drive was not backed up, we have really had a time getting back into the swing of things. (Yes, we both worked for Iron Mountain, "the leader in records and information management", and should have known better. Please, save the speech...) Unfortunately, we had all of our addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses stored on the computer. If you have our email address, could you please send us your information? If you emailed us around Thanksgiving time or a little before, there is a good chance we either didn't get the email, or didn't have a chance to respond before all was lost... Please be patient with us as we try to catch up!

Finally, as far as the Colts game Sunday, I sure hope you Titans fans aren't getting a big head over this. Let's be honest... you know we let you win ;o).