Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Friday!

We went out to Brad's parents a few weekends ago to see the new house!!! They should be in by the middle of March! We can't wait! I have other pictures of it, but I'm so far behind that I decided to wait to show the finished product.

This is Kathyrn with Pheobe and Grandpa. (Grandpa is either protecting Kathryn or Pheobe. I'm not sure which one needs it most...) This was a really fun day!

Thunder thighs and first time shots... the nurse didn't think Kathyrn would be able to feel the shots for all of the "padding" she had. Well, she felt them. Trust me! And she let the whole office know! Drama queen!!!

There is no more relaxing in the bathtub for Kathryn. She MUST stand up at all times now. She pulls up on the walls if there is no furniture handy!

(Adam and Rosie think her arms look like the Michelin Tire man :o)

Looks like another fun and relaxing weekend for the Pettes'! That will make two in a row! We were originally supposed to help Brad's parents move boxes this Saturday, but that has been postponed for a couple of weeks, so I think we're going to meet them for dinner instead. That will probably be a little more fun :o)... Plus, it's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow, so Brad already has his tee time set! He can't wait! First game of the year!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Twin Cousins

I'm so, so sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm so far behind now that I'm wondering whether to start where I left off, or start fresh. While I'm still trying to decide, I decided to post a little something new :o). I found this picture of my niece, Cozy (Hannah's little girl), and really thought for a second that it was Kathryn. I've always said they looked a lot alike, but this is just unreal! See what you think...