Monday, January 29, 2007

Olivia is 4 months old!!!

Olivia really is a bundle of joy. She smiles non-stop... even when Kathryn is sitting on her head. I had her in her swing this evening while I was cooking dinner. I glanced over and she had rolled over, and was laying on her belly, in her swing! Needless to say, she looked less than comfortable, but didn't even make a sound (still not sure how she didn't fall out). As soon as she saw me, her face just lit up with the biggest grin.

Here are a few shots of her enjoying her Excersaucer. This is where she spends most of her day... Still not sure why, but for some odd reason, Kathryn feels compelled to sit on her, no matter where she is... Olivia LOVES it, so who am I to stand in her way!

Monday, January 22, 2007


If you point to her and ask her who she is, nine times out of ten she will say, "Elmo"

Her favorite things to do with Olivia are: "burpa" (burp her), Sit on her, or lay down beside her while she is having tummy time and put her arm around her.

When Olivia wakes up from her naps and Kathryn first sees her, she always says, "hi, Kate!". If you correct her and say, "No, it's 'hi, Olivia!'", she will still respond with, "hi, Kate!"

She says "no" alot. The only way to tell if she really means it is if she says it in a really high pitched voice.

If Olivia spits up and I am not in the room, she will come find me and say, "Uh oh, spi-up".

She LOVES to talk on the phone. And when I say phone, that means anything even close to the shape or color of a phone. Her "conversations" usually go something like this:
"O?" (hello)
"I" (hi)
"oh to tomi no, no bae " (not sure, yet)
"K. Right" (okay, alright)

If you say, "One", her face lights up and she responds: "twwwwooo, treeeeee!"

She likes to say prayers. alot. At various times throughout the day she will come over to me, say "pay", grab my hand, say some jibberish, then say "men". If I don't follow her lead, she will reach up to my head and push it down and say, "pay, es".

What sweet little girls the Lord has blessed us with...
Kathryn sporting her new Elmo slippers

After enjoying an ice cream sandwich, courtesty of Aunt Rosie

Two Words


Superbowl, HERE WE COME!!! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Little Livie

This is Olivia's new thing. Sucking her last two fingers and rubbing her ear. I think Claire has been a bad influence :o)
"Forget tummy time, Mom! I'm way too sleepy!"
No, she didn't really fall asleep, but almost!

These are the latest burp cloths I did. I just got these new patterns with some of my Christmas money. I thought they turned out so cute!

I never would have believed it

Baby Micah
Baby Olivia

From the minute Olivia was born I thought I was holding Brad. She was his spitten image! Brad even said when he would look at her he thought he was looking in the mirror. The only person who didn't think she looked like Brad was his mother. Well, I guess of all people, she would know, but I still didn't believe her... until Brad and I pulled out the baby pictures the other day. Pretty crazy. Although, that baby picture doesn't really look a thing like me. That's my consolation.


Brad has been working late hours lately getting ready for year end. Last night when he called to say he was on his way home he asked if he could pick up something for supper. He is always good to ask this when he knows it has been a long day. I am always good to say no, but last night was an exception. Both of the girls have been sick, Kathryn with strep and Olivia with a cold, and it had been a really long day... so we agreed on Papa John's pizza - my favorite. I got online to get the specials and hurried to place the order so Brad could stop on his way home to pick it up.

There were two specials:
1. Large one topping and Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks for $11.99
2. Large five topping Perfect Pan for $12.99
We agreed on the large five topping. When I called, the guy speedily rambled something like, "would you like blah, blah, blah" as quickly as he could, and I readily responded with my order. He then proceeded to tell me they are out of the crust that makes that pizza, therefore that special is void until they get more in.
I'll go with the other special.
"It will be ready in 15 minutes." Thirty-five minutes later I called Brad to see where he was. Still waiting for our order.
When he does finally get home this is what our "New- Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks" looked like:

Yes, I really did take a picture. I have every intention of sending this picture in to Papa John himself.