Friday, December 16, 2005

Update on Kathryn...

I guess I should fill you all in on Kathryn a little bit, seeing as how this is her "Korner". Sorry for all the "blasts from the pasts", but I needed those laughs.
This past week has been full of "firsts" for Kathryn.
She has started sitting alone...
...getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth...

...LOVING patty-cake...

She thinks she's the Easter Bunny...

AND Santa Claus. I told her she was fat enough, but didn't have quite enough moola just yet.

And her favorite thing yet, lounging in the armchair watching TV. (Maybe she is more like her Daddy than I thought...)

The busy times have begun. Tonight is dinner at a friends, tomorrow is the big Petty family (Brad's Mom's side) Christmas party, Sunday is dinner at another friends (yes, we have more than one), then I leave to go see Jen, Jon, Jason, Alaina, & Andrew in IN - yeah!!!! By the time I get back Christmas will be practically here! Brad and I are just hoping that Kathryn cooperates with all of our festivities planned. :)

In other news... He's Back!! And he came over last night with his Mother, his sister, and my two nephews, (who I still can't believe are old enough to be in college.) The really scary thing, is that he is probably around town, this very minute, driving Snowflake. Those of you who know him, well, I'll say no more. Those of you who don't, be scared.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Proud to be an American

So, I was surfing the internet, and came across this picture. Not sure exactly WHO it is, but sure thought it was funny looking, so I thought I'd share. I think I'll send this to the Army recruiting office.

My Point Exactly!

EDIT: Just so you all can be prepared for what you will see when you go pick up Jen from the airport:
Sorry to pick on Jon here, but he is the only one that has a recent shot that I could compare to. (You can thank Christian for giving me the link.) Check this out. Jon's and my senior pictures were taken the very same year. Our recent shots were taken the very same year. Christian, if this doesn't make you smile, there is no hope for you today :o)...

Jon's senior picture 1998

Jon's lawyer mug shot 2005

my senior picture 1998

Me now

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Why am I Embarrassing Myself?

Last night I found out that one of my USED TO BE very good friends was showing very out-of-date pictures of me to his friends. I wish I could repay the favor of embarrassement, but, seeing as how no one's ugly stage was quite as bad as mine, in my search, I only found more embarrassing pictures of me than he could probably find!! Here are a couple I came across in my search. Don't ask why I'm doing this to myself. I'm still not sure...

I included the one of me when I was little so you could see that for a very short time, I really was kinda cute!

Jason, you are SO cool! If I could only be like you!! I love how you're looking like a pro to go down the black diamond at Paoli Peaks - HA!

Okay, up to now you were thinking, "Actually, the ones we saw last night were MUCH worse!" Well, you can't beat this one! In my scrapbook album, my Mom had this one titled, "On your way to Avonlea?" I made that dress and hat. I know, I know, you never would have guessed...

If only these were my worst... (sigh)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First Christmas Experience...

I finally decided last night, I had waited until the last possible day and I had to get Kathryn's picture right then so I would have time to have them printed and get them in the mail so as to arrive to the recipients BEFORE Christmas (I think that's the idea). This proved to be much more challenging than I thought. She was very much more interested in the Christmas tree, lights, ribbon, and ornaments than she was smiling for the camera, which made me very much more interested in watching her than getting her picture. She kept grabbing for the limbs of the tree and trying to stick them in her mouth. She would get the most awful look on her face. Unfortunately, I never captured that - I was laughing too hard - but I did get a couple of good shots...

"Wo! Mom, did you see that bright light, or is this a vision?"

"This wire thing that you have sticking out of this ornament could really hurt someone!"

"Okay, seriously, is this photo shoot just about over, because I am loosing precious beauty rest."

"Okay, fine, ONE smile, but then I'm going to bed!"

Monday, December 05, 2005

Don't take changing your template lightly...

So this afternoon I thought, "I'm really tired of these green dots. I need to do something more exciting." Well, I chose a new template and didn't really read the warning that popped up on my computer (Brad will be shocked). Well, it must have said something to the effect of, "All of the people you know and hold dear and communicate regularly with will be deleted," because that is what happened. Please be patient while I find you, and link you all again ;o).

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I laid Kathryn down yesterday and left the room for a second. When I came back in, this is what she was doing. I just wanted you all to see how ADVANCED our little girl is!! Can you believe she's already reading?!!?!? Yes, and at a 3rd grade level too! I always knew she would be a prodigy child... (of course, she gets that from her mother ;o)