Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oyia learns to sit alone

"Mom, I'm doing it!!! Nobody touch me, I need full concentration."

"This is not that hard. Look at me! I'm already a pro!!"

"Whoops!" (Kathryn's favorite word of the week) The Domino Effect "That's okay. I can reach those fruit snacks better from this angle anyway."

First Feeding

I think she likes it.
Is that a Brad face or what???

Fun times with cousins...

This is a very feeble attempt at "catching up" on the last month. Due to time constrains, there will be mostly pictures and not much journaling.
Kathryn & Corbin watching "Race cars"

Corbin taught Kathyrn how she was really supposed to use the Vaseline. Thanks, Corb ;)
Truman and Kate
Kate, Taylor, & Ella

Olivia & Jack

Friday, March 02, 2007

Our new discovery

On Saturday afternoon, Brad took a study break and we all piled in the car to go to the Discovery Center. What a discovery! Kathryn had the time of her life! Her favorite things were the sand pit (which was actually pea gravel - not exactly authentic, but much easier to clean out of clothes), the play house, and of course, the water.

Brad discovers a fossil... Yes, he had just as much fun as Kate. In fact, at one point I actually had to remind him which "kid" we brought to entertain :).

Kathryn did not at all want to relinquish this doll when we left the playhouse.

Olivia enjoys the "stroller view"

After the Discovery Center, we stopped by to see Kate's best friend "Tare" and her freshly painted bonus room. What a full day!Brad: "Outta my way!" (yes, he really did say that.)

Sleeping baby...