Friday, May 08, 2009


When I get behind, my first instinct is just to pretend like I was never behind and skip whatever events happened after the last time I updated. This time, though, I'm going to pick up where I left off and do a little backtracking. All the way back to April 16th - one of my very favorite days of the year :). The girls and I cooked Brad his favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes - while he slept in. Kathryn was absolutely ecstatic when she found out Daddy didn't have to go to work. She could hardly contain herself - those of you who know her are having a hard time picturing this, I know :).

Then it was off to the Children's Museum! We jumped the gun by a week and moved Maggie into her big girl car seat so she could watch Tinkerbell with the big girls on the way there - she was in awe.It was such a fun day. We've been several times, but this was the first time we had gone as a family. Since it was a Thursday, It wasn't very crowded. There were some buses there, but mostly big kids, and not ones that wanted to play at the sand or water tables in PlayScape :).

So many people thought Kate and Olivia were twins. Lots of big kids came up to me and asked me, but I also heard several adults whispering among themselves, "Oh! Look at the twins!" I had dressed them alike on purpose - so that they would be easy to find - and it worked! In fact, one time they had both climbed up on top of something, and I could only see Kate, so I asked her where her sister was, and a man (taller than I :) responded, "There are two of them up there." (then he asked if they were twins :).
Maggie was so good and seemed to really enjoy herself, although she is not the outgoing little stinker that her sisters are. She's pretty reserved in new surroundings. Brad finally got a smile when he tickled her face with the flowers - no telling the germs she got from that ;-O.

Livie rock climbing...

Kathryn's favorite part: the carousel

Then finally, the perfect end to a perfect day: we ate at the "chips and cheese rest-er-aunt" for a late lunch (aka: Mexican :). We are so glad to have the man of our house back!