Sunday, November 02, 2008

Starla was so sweet to come over to watch the kiddos - all 7 of them - while I took Hannah out to show her the ropes of CVS shopping. We decided 7 kids, 7 and under, in the CVS store while looking for ECB deals might be a little much.
More sweet kitten pictures (and sweet kitten holders)


Kerrie said...

I wish you were here to take me,I'm still having a trouble coming up with deals.Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

apparently im going to have to get on here more often... K sure is funny :)

Jeremy said...

Okay, okay, I guess I'll start checking this one more often. I've been missing a lot!! I sure do miss those sweet girls! How do you get Maggie to laugh while your taking a picture? Sadie gets a deer in the headlights look! I'm lucky to get one that looks halfway decent!

I need a CVS tutorial! I've gotten some pretty good deals but not as good as you. I've about given up!