Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"And the Grand Prize winner is..."

Well, it's Stephanie, of course, for coming over to watch all of our kids while we went out on the town with Hannah and Brad. I would have been extremely thankful, no matter what, but as it turned out, I actually feel extremely indebted to her since half-way through their meal of pizza my middle child threw up all over the table. Yeah. Stomach flu. I felt so horrible, and it was pretty hard to put that behind me and have an enjoyable, lighthearted evening. But it was still pretty fun.

Here we are after supper having caramel macchiatos at a little coffee shop on the square. We pulled out the 'ol Scrabble game, but soon decided to relieve Stephanie and headed home. There we started up a game of Cranium with Trent that ended up in a very heated debate over how to pronounce "larynx". Fun times.


Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Oh no! I hope Olivia is okay now! Glad you got to get out, though...Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Kerrie said...

It is nice to get out sometimes,Daryl and I rarely do it,and ours are 16 and 11.I hope little Olivia is better soon.

Anonymous said...

oh poor olivia..=[ hope she gets better real soon and that no one else catches it. love you guys =]