Wednesday, January 25, 2006


And now for your viewing pleasure, two solid minutes of Peek-A-Boo, brought to you by Daddy and Kathryn. If this doesn't make you smile today, nothing will :o).

(Sorry it's so long, I would cut it down if I could.)


Monday, January 23, 2006

What's my name again?

Well, it happened. Sunday, for the first time ever, Kathryn muttered the sounds, "momomomomomo". Brad is in total denial. All the way through Wal-Mart last night, Kathryn was riding in the cart saying, "momomomomo" and Brad was pushing her saying, "dadadadadada". It was pretty entertaining. :o)

Kathryn did officially start crawling on Friday (Jan. 20). Yeah!! She is trying to pull up on stuff, but she usually just ends up falling down, hitting her head, and screaming for the next two minutes. She has been pretty fussy lately, and I'm hoping that it's due to some little white things trying to push their way desperately through her sore little gums. And, what a relief to know that after these two pop through, only 18 more to go :o/!

I did have a realization this past week that you all may be interested to know. I am short. Yes, that is it. I have known this for some time now, but did not know how short I really was until the other day I "ran" into the grocery store for a couple of things (ran is in quotes, because there is really no such thing as doing anything quickly with a baby). I decided I would leave Kathryn buckled in her seat, and just take her whole seat into the store with me. When I got in the grocery store and put her seat up on top of the cart, I could not see past it. Yes, seriously. I had to look to either side of it. I ran into at least 3 displays. It was very embarrassing. People kept looking at me and smiling, like they felt really sorry for me. One man even offered to reach the peanut butter for me when he saw me standing on the bottom shelf to reach it. I guess Brad is going to have to do the grocery shopping from now on! YES! (Haha, BP!! Your favorite thing to do ;o)
Kathryn: "Finally!! Now that all of these ribbons are untied, and my bumper pad is totally off, maybe I can get some rest!"

After getting a little tired of sitting in the bouncy seat, Kathryn discovers a brand new way to play with it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Will I ever catch up?

Kathryn is into everything. Wow! This morning alone she managed to dump the basket of pens (and we're not talking about 10 pens here, we're talking 50) and scatter them all over the office before I managed to see her. Then she dumped out her little plastic hair barrettes from her high chair so that they scattered all over the kitchen floor. Then she crawled all over the blanket I was making (the whole time I was trying to pin the binding on it) and spit up on it two different times!!! AARRRGGG!!! She is not "officially" crawling, but she is getting wherever she wants to go, and that's all that matters! She gets up on her hands and knees, moves one knee and one hand, drops, and repeats, in a very quick amount of time until she reaches the object in the room that I would least like for her to have. I still haven't started table food, but she is obsessed with drinking out of a glass. I'm sure it's just the novelty of it, but she acts like she really loves water :o). Hopefully she'll be a late walker :). In the mean time, I try my best to keep her confined.

Also, our friends Adam and Rosie just found out yesterday that they are having a little girl!!! We were all so sure it would be a boy, that it was a huge surprise!!! They are so excited, and Kathryn can't wait to meet her new friend!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sellers' Family Reunion

One more "catch up" blog, then we'll be back in business...
Since Christi's family moved to FL, Nashville seems to be the central location for everyone (which, for the Pettes family, means no driving :o). So, this year, my family all gathered at our little town house to celebrate. There would have been 27 of us, but Tony's family came down with the stomach flu and decided not to share :). So, there were only 19 of us... Since there wasn't room for us to all sleep at our house, Dad treated each family to their own room at the Day's Inn just down the road. It was perfect! All of our rooms were close together, so we were able to put the kids down, then gather in Mom and Dad's room to play games. After the girls went to bed, the boys went down to the lobby and asked the receptionist if they could hook up their PS2 to the huge flat screen TV in the lobby. He agreed, and they were up until 4:17 (but who's counting :) playing NCAA Football. Boys will be boys... Since I was "hosting" this event, I was not able to take as many pictures as I normally would have, (Creth, you should be happy about that :) but here is a sampling of our adventures...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Baby's First Christmas!!

We spent the Christmas weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Pettes'. It was a really great, relaxing time. We didn't do much except watch movies and eat, and eat, and eat REALLY good food!!! Kathryn ended up getting sick with some kind of virus on Christmas (well, Christmas Eve - when we opened presents) and she was pathetic! She was running fever, and her little eyes and nose were running all day. I must admit, I was pretty pathetic myself. I really can't stand to think that she's uncomfortable :). She was pretty good considering, and loved her Christmas presents!!! (Although I think the spatula is still her favorite toy at Grandma Rosie's :)

Kathryn with Grandma

Kathryn with Daddy

Kathryn in her present from Grandma and Grandpa which she LOVE, LOVE, LOVES, and so does Mommy :o)!!!

Kathryn with her favorite spatula

Trip to Indy / "High School Reunion" :o)

After the big Christmas party, Kathryn and I traveled up to Indy to see "the gang". Jason was home from TX which made it a good time for us to all get together. Several things were different this year...
1. Megan wasn't there, which left us with really good stuff to talk about - just kidding, Meg ;o). We missed you!!!
2. Brad and Andrew were both missing (because of work), and weren't able to battle it out in Tiger Woods Golf
3. There was a BABY there (who slept pretty much the whole time, thankfully!)
4. We didn't play Trivial Pursuit
and the most telling one of all...
5. The party was over by 9:30!!!!! Yes, we are all getting very old.

I'd say the highlight of the evening was Jon and Jason's realization that all girls are alike. (Alaina, Jen, Mary, would you agree? ;) It was really awesome to get to see everyone again! Thanks to Jen for having us all over, and especially to her roommate for putting up with our obnoxious loudness. And trust me, we are loud!!!
Kathryn was pretty much taken with Jason. (Jason, 25 more years?)
Alaina and Kathryn (Jon, could you look a little more bored?)

Back row: Jason, Alaina, Mary, Jon

Front row: Micah, Jen

While we were there, Kathryn also got to see her cousins Ella and Taylor...

And her Nana...

And take a bath in Nana's kitchen sink...

It was a very quick trip, but very much worth it! Hope we can do it again soon!!! (preferably with Brad next time :)

Petty Family Christmas Party

It seems like I have been out of the "blogger world" for ages now. I will attempt to fill everyone in on what our holidays have been like this year. I must say, having a baby definately changes the way things work :o). Our holidays started two weeks before Christmas at Brad's Mom's family Christmas party. This was the first time that a lot of them had seen Kathryn! For some reason, she didn't take her afternoon naps, and was pretty much a bear the whole night (which made it a little stressful for Mommy). Toward the end of the evening, however, she straightened up a little (just in time to open presents :) and it ended up being a great time!!!

Kathryn sporting her mohawk...

Kathryn and Mommy

Cousins Megan and Morgan with Kathyrn

Jessica and Jeremy with cousin Jackson and Kathryn

The "little" ones...

Sunday, January 01, 2006