Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First week in pictures

It's hard to believe Maggie's first week has already come and gone.  She is just the most precious baby and we are indeed blessed to have her in our lives.

The fun started the day we brought Maggie home from the hospital.  Our dearest friends Adam, Rosie, Claire, and Michael came for a visit all the way from Tennessee.  Rosie and I mostly just sat around and talked and napped while the guys kept the kiddos preoccupied.  Claire, Kathryn, and Olivia had the greatest time "catching up" (we all did, actually), and Michael is just about the sweetest little boy.  He and Maggie mostly just slept... and ate...  

Claire and Livie bird watching
Sweet little Michael in his favorite spot
It looks like Claire is conspiring something in this picture.  Whatever it is, the other two sure think it's funny!  These girls miss each other so much!
The guys were sure brave to take these three monsters out to the mall, then to Chick-Fil-A for lunch
Thing 1, Thing 2, & Thing 3
Kathryn is absolutely crazy about her new baby Maggie
And Olivia is absolutely crazy about watermelon...  no, just kidding =)...  she really is doing much better accepting the reality that this baby is here to stay =)
So it's probably just gas, but it's still pretty sweet... and the first "captured" smile
My big helper - doesn't she look so grown up?!?
Livie constantly wants to know if she can "touch 'Madee' head?"  She must have learned that from Claire =)
Even though I am at Mom and Dad's, and have all the help I need, life with three is still pretty crazy.  Tomorrow I will be solo as they're headed down to FL to see my nephew graduate.  Should be interesting =).  

Things aren't about to slow down, either.  Brad's Mom and Dad are coming into town this weekend to meet Maggie for the first time, and his Mom will be staying the week to help me out with the kiddos, and get the basement packed up and cleaned out.  Then Adam and Rosie are headed back up the next week to spend a few days with us!  Only three weeks from tomorrow and we close on our house!  Yippee!!!  As anxious as I am, I don't want to wish the time to fly by.  It goes fast enough as it is.

Let's hope I can rest this peacefully tonight...


Jen said...

Lov'in all the pictures of your adorable girls!! They are SO cute!!

Hopefully I will get to see the new little one when I am home for a quick trip July 4th. I told Lains that maybe we can all three get together. I won't have tons of time, but would love to see you all!

Samuel said...

Looks like things couldn't be happier (or crazier, but in a good way ;>)

Brad said...

Love the post, Micah!! It's a perfect depiction of Maggie's first week!! We had such a great time!! I can't wait to be in the new house, and finally get settled all the way in. See you soon!! LOVE!

Katie Jane said...

Congratulations on your family of five! Maggie is beautiful. Enjoy kissing baby feet!

Kevin & Amy said...

Belated congratulations! Maggie is precious and I REALLY love the name!! Can't wait to meet her, hopefully soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope you guys got moved in okay. We've all been thinking about you lately, and hope that you are all doing well. Love you guys.
Karlie. =]