Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm updating. No foolin'!

The girls and I had a wonderful trip down to Tennessee with Mom and Dad a couple weekends ago. (I am sick to report that I did not snap one single picture while I was there.) Everyone was so welcoming to us, even inviting us to meals that should have just been for Mom and Dad. The girls got to spend some much needed time with Gramma and Grandpa, and I got to see Baby Michael for the first time. It was such a nice reunion with so many old friends and loved ones.

Things have been more than a little crazy in our corner of the world lately. Brad's tax season has picked up a little bit, and because of his hour drive he usually doesn't get home until around 8 or 9, which wouldn't be too awful if I weren't 8 1/2 months pregnant. As it is, though, it gets a little tiring. Since he's working Saturdays too, he is very ready to just have a day off. They have an initial deadline of April 7th, so even though things won't officially be wrapped up until the 15th, things will definitely start slowing down in about a week. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel...

Things are progressing very well with the house. We have a pretty definite close date of May 22nd, which, of course, is not as soon as we had originally hoped, but at this point we're just happy to have a date so we can see the end in sight. We're to the "fun stage" now, of picking out paint colors, fabric for curtains, bedding for the girl's rooms, and other "accessories" that will hopefully add a little personality to our little "cookie cutter" =). Here is our most recent outside picture. They just bricked it last week!

Things are definitely progressing with the new baby too =). It's hard to believe that we're almost to the 2 week mark! This pregnancy has absolutely flown by, and we're not sure that we or the girls are prepared for the changes that are about to occur. Brad asked me the other day if/when I was ever going to be really ready for a newborn. I told him when I could grow an extra arm =). I'm a little worried about where this baby is going to ride!

I've been trying to work with Kathryn on understanding what is about to take place. She is officially confused. Yesterday in CVS we ran into Heidi and the girls, and she lifted up her shirt and told Aunt Heidi that she had a baby in her belly too. She told me later that her baby wanted pineapple. Last night Brad and I met with our doula. I told Kathyrn she was going to bed a few minutes early so I could talk to Miss Julie about the baby in my belly. She hadn't been in there long when we heard "Moooooooommmmmm. Daaaaaddddddd." So Brad goes to see what she needs. Turned out that she needed to get up so she could talk to Miss Julie about the baby in her belly too. The only name she can come up with is Baby Michael. She is really, really set on that. Maybe she knows something we don't =).

Now for a few pictures... Kathryn is very into whatever I'm doing these days. She loves to craft with me, and she always has to have all of the tools that I'm using.

The girls LOVE trying to ride in this car. Weird.

And here they are sporting their new shirts from Aunt Rosie and Uncle Adam that were in their Easter baskets.

Then a totally random shot. I just happened to have my camera along. Driving around the roundabout at Rockville and 100... Someone decided it needed a centerpiece...


Anonymous said...

Hey Micah,just wanted to say how much we enjoyed visiting with you all to.Your house is so pretty,I love the porch,I like houses with a nice porch.Hope everything goes well in the next few weeks,we'll be thinking of and praying for you all.If you need anything give us a call.Love Kerrie

Alaina said...

So glad for an update! I've been thinking about you. The house is looking great and the girls as cute as ever! :)

Kevin & Amy said...

I know the last stretch of waiting is the hardest ... and with Brad working so many hours, too. You'll be in our prayers!

Exciting about the house!!

McIntosh Twins said...

I love all the pictures! They are getting so big. The house looks like it is moving right along. Hope you feel good enough to get all those "fun" things done. I know you have got to be so worn out.

In answer to your question, YES Mom makes so much fun of me! I don't care though. Mike and I are loving the savings. I got killer deals this week at Kroger & Meijer. I will try to post soon. That made me laugh out loud about Max & Karen. I would love to see it! Max that is! I wonder if he gets as excited as we do?! : )

Love ya

Samuel said...

Cute pics of the girls; that's so funny about the toilet too !
(I can't believe Samuel is 2 either, although we've both been sick over the past week and a half, so he's not really had much of anything done for his birthday yet---thankfully he's too young to know that!!)

Jen said...

So glad to see an update! It's is hard to believe you are almost ready to have another baby--I was thinking it wasn't this soon, but I guess not. :)

I love Kathryn's cut bob cut. So adorable.

McIntosh Twins said...

I forgot how much alike we are! That is exactly what I do!!! Must run in the family......

Love ya