Monday, April 21, 2008

A work in progress

Here are some pictures of the new house. We're only a month out from our close date - yeah!! They are mostly of the kitchen, since everything else just looks like a little white room =).

View from the back sliding glass door, looking into the kitchen, then the living room

Close up of the kitchen cabinets, and our very shallow kitchen sink =(. Mistake #1...

The girls trying out my jacuzzi tub =)... wish I could be using this right now!

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Alaina said...

You must be getting so excited! It's so fun to see a house progressing. Hope you are well - praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

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Kevin & Amy said...

The house looks beautiful--I love how open it is. And at least "mistake #1" is something that can be fixed fairly easily down the road.

We are anxiously awaiting news of the little one. But I'm sure you're probably more anxious! :)

Jen said...

SO exciting!!!

McIntosh Twins said...

Still no baby?! Thinking about you!

Love ya