Thursday, February 28, 2008

See, we really are building a house

I know after 5 months, the Babcock's are starting to think we really aren't, and we're just planning to live with them forever :). Yes, it has really been 5 months. I can't believe it either.

So, I'm just a little worried about the ladders that are hanging by a crane over our house. Other than that, it's starting to look good. Brad is supposed to be in touch with the Centex realtor today to give us a new approxomate closing date. Of course we are still holding out hope that we could move in before the baby is born, but we trust everything will work out for the best either way. Because of Brad's crazy work schedule until April 15th, we're not sure how smooth a move would go even if we did get to close beforehand.

Here are some pictures of our crazy girls. Olivia is singing "Day 1" - she just holds up her whole hand since she can't figure out the finger thing :). Kathryn is reading Dad a story - probably Madeline, her favorite for the moment. Kathryn's favorite song right now is "Little Bunny Foo Foo". Olivia loves it too, only she calls it "Bunny Poo Poo". So we walk through Wal-Mart with her saying "Bunny Poo Poo. Sing it." :)

The girls and I are a little bummed this morning. We were supposed to go over to my good friend Alyssa's house for a playdate with little Penny, but our car still isn't out of the shop, so we're stuck at home instead. I guess that means I should clean or something :).

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