Sunday, February 10, 2008

The day full of PINK

Valentine's Day happens to be my favorite holiday, not because of the overpriced candy and flowers, but mainly because pink is my favorite color :) - shallow, I know. This year will be extra exciting because the girls were invited to their first ever Valentine's party at their friends Calvin & Patrick's house. Kathryn is beside herself with excitement, asking every day if this is the day for the "birthday party". She and I have been working for the past week making valentines. Seeing my daughter enjoy crafting as much as I do really warms my heart :). She wanted to make them "all by herself" and as hard as it was for me to see her misplacing things, I let her. After about the third one she really got the hang of it and started putting them together a lot better than I thought she would be able to!

The finished product... She was so proud of herself. Every time she would finish one she would turn to me and say, "You never said 'dood job', Mom!!!" :)
Last night Kathryn came running into the bathroom where I was getting ready. She was all out of breath, and she said, "Mom, I have a sensational idea!!! Let's have some TANDY!!!" (candy) WHERE in the world did she learn the word sensational? I don't think I've ever said that word in my life! Crazy, crazy girl... She'll try anything in the world to get candy :)
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Anonymous said...

Wow!! She is really crafty. Make sure to tell her "dood job" for me. Have fun at your Valentine's party. Miss you guys.
Karlie :)

Jen said...

I am so jealous how crafty you all are. :) i have not a craft bone in my body.

AND..I love Valentine's too! Last year it snuck up on my and so i did nothing which was very sad but this year I was determined to do something. So like the old days of us, i am going to organize and girl's night. Remember when we did that?!? It was always so much fun..

Jen :)