Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Party...

Potty training is off to a good start. Last night and today haven't been so great, but really I didn't expect them to be since she had friends over last night and today, and I've been completely preoccupied with having company. Starting was the key, and now I can check that off my list :).

So on to the fun stuff... Alaina's Valentine's Day party was a blast. She really outdid herself with preperations. She had different stations set up for the kids (there were 18 kids in all!!!): one where they made a bag to carry their Valentine's in, one to put together their own heart shaped pizza, one to color Valentine pictures, and one to decorate cookies. Everything looked so festive and fun - especially the lunch table. Kathryn had a ball, and I could hardly keep her awake on the way home - even with the sugar high :).

Here she is decorating her cookies. They ended up being more full of sprinkles than cookie :)
Olivia wasn't too sure about all the excitement, but she was sure that the cookies were pretty good.
These are Andrew & Alaina's cute little boys, the hosts, Patrick & Calvin
The fancy table with heart shaped everything...
This is Emily. She loved Olivia! She kept giving her hugs and kisses, and she was so sweet.
Kathryn has a sixth sense for picking out the grandma in every group. I don't know how she does it. Here she is with Calvin and Patrick's grandma :)
Our hostess, Alaina.... Thank you so much for such a fun morning!!!

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Alaina said...

We are so glad you could come! Hope potty training continues to go well...we haven't had the best time here on that front. :)