Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm a Little Teapot.... well, kinda :)

I'm a Little Teapot is just one of Olivia's favorite songs. She loves music, and will come up to me at different times during the day and say a few words of a song, then say "sing it". Here she is saying "Teapot, short, stout"

In other news, I'm officially declaring Kathryn potty trained. She has been 24 hours without an accident, and without me reminding her one single time to go potty! I'm so proud of her! Brad says I got lucky, I think I must just be really good at this potty training thing (ha! ;-). She ran in this morning while I was fixing breakfast and said, "Mom, if you go to the potty then you tan have some n 'm n's, but if you don't, then you tan't have any." Thanks, Kate.

Yesterday I made sausage and eggs for breakfast. She loves sausage, but could live without eggs. She had eaten 2 of the required 5 bites, then said, "Is anybody going to ask me if I'm all done?" to which Brad replied, "I think we're all afraid to." :) These girls...


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable,this just makes us miss her even more.Daryl absolutely had a fit when he saw it,he says send some more or better yet film her and Kate all day,since you don't have anything else to do.Ha
Ha.Love You guys. Daryl and Kerrie

Anonymous said...

UHHHHH, I miss you guys sooooo much. I have watched the video a million time (okay not really) it is just sooooooooo adorable.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I love her singing!

24 hours? Hmm...pretty impressive. Maybe I should try giving nummy-nummies! Just don't let Kate tell Shelby about the candy she hasn't been getting!