Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

This year we signed Kate up to be a "Knot Hole Member" of the Indianapolis Indians. Basically, that meant we could pay $14 for her to get in to every game this season for free. For all the home games, Arby's sponsors "Two for Tuesday" buy one get one tickets, so on Tuesdays, our whole family can get into the game for $9. We have been two times so far this season, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls live for it. Every morning when they wake up they ask if we'll be going to a baseball game. Right now, they are pretending that they are there. They even got "the blanket" out of the closet and have it spread out on the floor of their room.

This past Friday night we talked our good friends Dave and LeeAnn into going with us. We weren't sure if they would say yes, since it would cost their family over $30 to get in, but they were sports and said they would come anyway. They were next in line to get their tickets when a guy grabbed Dave and told him he had 5 extra tickets that he couldn't use, so the lucky ducks ended up getting in for free! They were especially glad they came then :). Of course, I won't tell on Dave and what a cheap wad he was when he wouldn't even pay $1 for Caleb to throw the ball in the inflatable pit. His story is once he was reminded they got in for free he was totally fine with it ;).

Dave is such a kid-magnet. I felt so sorry for him because all 5 of the big kids were hanging on him all night. We got stared at quite a bit with our apparently large families (LeeAnn was babysitting one little girl, but since when is a family of five super-sized??) Brad was standing off from the blanket and overheard a couple of guys talking amongst themselves: "Did you see those people over there? They have like 10 kids under 3!"

Maggie found the bag of M&M's all by herself, and was totally content.

Brad's parents are coming next week, and we'll all be going together! We're all super pumped about that! Kate has already been praying about it :).
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Liz Wilcox said...

Micah- your bows are adorable! I always knew you should have been making them. I feel like I owe you money back! :) Your girls are just too sweet for words!

I have a new blog but I have it set to private. I added you but can't find your email to send an invite. Let me know if you want one! Thanks!

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Looks like a great time! It's neat that your girls have other kids their age to play with - I'm sure they have a great time together. :)