Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

It's hard to believe that our "big girl" is FOUR!
We've been borrowing Aunt Heidi's copy of Sleeping Beauty for a while now, and without mentioning anything to the girls (because I really didn't think they would care), I bought a copy for us, and gave Aunt Heidi's back. Kathryn has been telling me for a while now that she would really like to have the Sleeping Beauty movie for her birthday - one she could keep, and that she didn't have to give back to Aunt Heidi. Being the good (aka cheap) mother that I am, instead of telling her that I had already done just that, I kept it a secret, then as she was sleeping last night, wrapped up her copy of Sleeping Beauty and put it in front of her door, so that she would have a package to open first thing on her birthday.

It worked! When she woke up, she came running in with the present:
K: "For me?!?"
M: "Yes! It's your birthday, remember?"
K: "TODAY??? It's June 30th today?!?!"
M: "That's right!"
K: "So, I'm not 3 anymore?!?! I'm 4 now???"
M: "That's right!"
Once she finally settled down from being four, she opened her present and was ecstatic. Really, no one would have known that was the very movie that had been sitting in our entertainment center for the last two months. But she was so curious as to when I got it, and how I had kept it a secret from her:
K: "Did you get it at the store the other day? At Target? Or Wal-Mart?"
M: "No, I ordered it a long time ago. On the computer."
K: "Oh. Then did you pick it up at the store?"
M: "No, when you buy stuff on the computer, they mail it to you."
K: "Ohhhhh! So actually, the mailman gave me this movie for my birthday!"

Tonight we'll be celebrating at the ballgame - assuming it doesn't rain - with family and a few close friends. I'm so thankful for the little "big girl" that God chose to be part of our family. Happy Birthday, Kate! We love you!!
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Leah said...

Happy birthday, Kate!!

Jen said...

HAppy birthday!

And I wish I lived closer b/c I would LOVE to babysit...

Alaina said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! Can you believe our babies are turning 4 this year!!! Time flies! We have to get together soon!!!

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

That is SO cute that she thought the mailman gave it to her for her birthday :) Happy birthday, Kate!!

Jeremy said...

So sweet!