Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame Part II

Kate's party was a huge success. So many of her friends came to celebrate with us (well, and watch the game ;). As soon as we walked into the gate, I ran into my best friend in high school, and finally got to meet her two adorable children. We have lived in the same city for over a year now, and I am very ashamed to say, still have not gotten our kiddos together to play. It was so fun getting to see her family again.
As I'm sure you already know, Kate love, love, loved being the center of attention all night. We've been to several birthday parties lately, so when Kate woke up the morning of her birthday, she said, "Mom, is this going to be my special day, so all the presents will be for me this time?" What can I say, she had to get something from Brad ;).

We got Kate this little t-ball set for her birthday, and Brad took all the kids over to a play area in the ballpark where they took turns hitting. A couple of people not with our party wandered over and offered to pay $1 to hit :).
Miss Lea Anne, Mr. Jon, and Chelsea gave Kate a bag full of dress up clothes. Two of her favorite things in the bag were this veil and some clip on earrings. She only takes them off to sleep.

She didn't really like any of her presents...
And Livie didn't much care for her cake...
Friends at a ballpark with a Costco cake makes for a really great 4th birthday.

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Lauren said...

Such a cute girl. I can't believe she's four. Seems like just yesterday Kate and Blair were born. Just think next year we'll be sending them to school. YIKES! Hope she had a special birthday. Love the favors...you are SO CREATIVE!!!