Monday, July 14, 2008

Total Randomness

Last night at supper, Livie was less than enthused about what I offered her to eat. I heard her wining, but was in the middle of a conversation with Brad that I decided to finish before I corrected her. In the meantime, Kathryn spoke up: "Livie, this is what we're having tonight, so no complaining. You need to be thankful and eat that." Hmmm... If Livie knew her Bible very well, she would have said, "Get the log out of your own eye first, sister!"

I made bread from freshly ground whole wheat. I felt like a pioneer woman. Actually, my Mom ground the wheat, so I guess that makes me half of a pioneer woman. Since she ground the wheat with an electric grinder, I guess that makes her a fourth of a pioneer woman... Okay, never mind.... We had homemade whole wheat bread for supper and it was really good.

Next weekend my parents are bidding on a cabin in Gatlinburg hoping that our whole family will be able to find a time we can all go (whole family being Mom and Dad, all my siblings and spouses, and all of our children). I am so hoping this works out. I can't remember the last time my *whole* family was together in one place - mostly because we can't all fit anywhere, but also because of how all of our schedules mesh (or don't mesh). It was at least 8 years ago. Eight years ago there were only 18 of us. Now there are 32.

My sewing machine hasn't been working properly since we were living at Mom and Dad's. In fact, I had just written it off as "broken" and had not sewed on it since we moved. A lady at church asked me to help her out with some embroidery this past weekend, so I scurried to fix my machine, got it working, and finished her project. I was so inspired that I set to work on all sorts of embroidery projects that have been so neglected during the past couple of months. Just about everything Maggie owns now has her name on it. Then I started working on an order that I have had since the week Maggie was born, and my machine broke again =(. I can't figure out what is wrong with it for the life of me. I broke 7 needles in the span of about 20 stitches. Sewing is a lot like golf. As long as you're doing well at it, you don't ever want to stop. The minute you start not doing so well, you're ready to throw your equipment in the lake.

Today I asked Kathryn what she wanted for breakfast. She said, "Peanut and butter and jelly on a sandwich." I told her that was more of a lunch entree and asked her again what she would like for breakfast. She said, "Ummm... CANDY!!!"

Here's our little bear after being tortured by her big sisters. She really puts up with a lot from those girls. They are always thinking of something to play with Maggie, and they are always so sure that she will love whatever they decide to do to her. Most of the time she actually doesn't seem to mind. That probably won't last much longer, so I'm enjoying it while I can =).

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Jen said...

hahahaha...this was hilarious. I love Kathryn's comments about eating Olivia's food. Awww...she is true firstborn. :)

Also congrats on being part pioneer woman. You are far ahead of me. I buy bread from the store--I am pretty sure that is negative pioneer woman. But I walk to the grocery store sometimes--maybe that counts for a point?

Katie said...

You crack me up. That picture of Maggie with her "torture" methods is priceless.