Thursday, July 17, 2008

4 days, 3 nights down; the rest of her life to go

We've officially started the process of weaning Kathyrn from her finger sucking habit. This week has been devoted to trying different things until we found something that worked. I'm still not totally convinced that we're "there" - i.e. where we need to be - but we're definitely much, much closer than we ever have been. During the day she wears Band-Aids as "reminders". During the night, though, she would suck over the Band-Aids just out of habit, so she's been wearing mittens during naps and at bedtime. She wasn't too sure about it until I told her the story of The Three Little Kittens. Ever since then, she wants to wear them all day, and eat pie =).

My two crazy toddlers

Kathryn just got her first pair of real "fip fops" on clearance at Target for $1.76. She picked them out all by herself and is so totally in love with them. She is sleeping in them right now =)

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Brad said...

I LOVE the FIP FOPS!!! I can't wait to see her in them!!

Jamie said...

Those flip flops are hilarious - she's so cute. I hope you have success with helping her quit's funny to see her wearing mittens in July!

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to call it "Kathryn(and Olivia and Maggie's) Korner. You know, I think yall got about the sweetest mess of girls I ever did see.

Katie said...

Didn't even cross my mind about the title. :)

I love that Kathryn is so influenced by books! Smart girl.

Katie said...

Love the new blog look, by the way.