Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I overheard the girls yelling and I had just put Maggie down for her nap.
Me: (yelling) "Girls, stop yelling!"
Kate: (yelling) "What?"
Me: (yelling lounder) "Stop yelling!!"
Kate: (yelling) "Stop yelling?"
Me: (yelling) "Yes! Maggie is trying to take her nap!"
Kate: (yelling) "Maggie's asleep?"
Me: (yelling) "She's trying, so keep it down!"
Kate: (yelling) "Otay!"

Unfortunately I feel like a lot of our conversations throughout the day are this non-sensicle.

Chillin' with Dad on Saturday

This is the girls new car. They get in it and go to Kroger and Avon and worship ALL DAY LONG

Only really skinny people can do this sort of thing...
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Megan said...

so cute! Did Maggie manage to stay asleep with all the screaming? My kids have a cabinet like that. It's the only one without locks. They love to hide there and then jump out and scare me while I'm trying to cook!

Jamie said...

Sweet picture of Daddy and his girls!

The one of Kathryn (it's Kathryn, right? Couldn't be Olivia!) in the window is funny. How did she find that spot?!

Jen said...

You totally need to blow up and frame that last picture--SO cute!

Jen said...

20 LBS?!?!?!

You don't have 20 lbs to lose. You looked great when I saw you!! Especially since you just had a baby.