Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tennessee, Sounds Good To Me

This past week we headed down to spend our week of vacation with Brad's folks. Brad's Mom's side of the family has a big to-do every year on the 4th, so we went for that, but decided to make a week of it and fit in as many friends and family as we possibly could. It was a jam packed week and we were all - especially the kids - worn out by the time we made it home. Brad played golf almost every day, and I enjoyed my built in babysitters (Granpa & Gramma). Maggie didn't do so hot on the car ride there. At least until we figured out that our singing put her under some kind of a spell. Needless to say, by the time we made it back to Indy the following Saturday night, our voices were totally shot and we were fighting back and forth about whose turn it was to sing "Hallelujah" at Kate's request.

Hang in there... this might be my longest picture post ever...

Getting ready to leave... Olivia babysat while I packed =)
Friday night we made it to Louisville and stayed with my good friend Kylie and her husband Justin. Just to make sure our vacation started off on the right foot, Brad and Justin hit the golf course first thing Saturday morning. I also should mention that later on in the week, Brad made his best score ever - a 79. Look out, Tiger! As soon as we made it to Granpa and Gramma's, the girls wanted Gramma to play and sing with them...
...then read them a bedtime story. Kate told me last night, "You'll tell me we can read one story, then I'll say, 'Mom, can we read two?' and you'll say YES. Otay?"
All ready for worship!
Dad working on his balancing act...
I barely saw the big girls the whole time we were there. Gramma got them up in the mornings, fed them breakfast, took them outside to water the flowers, play in the pool, walk to Aunt Norma's, play in the creek - you name it! They had a blast, and were absolutely worn out by bedtime.
We celebrated Kate's 3rd birthday while we were there. She was pretty stuck on having Cinderella on her cake. She's actually pretty stuck on having Cinderella on everything these days.Rosemary called her brothers and sister and they came up for a hamburger then cake and ice cream. It was the perfect little party, and Kathryn was just beside herself (as seen below =).
Livie eating ice cream with Aunt Charlotte
Then came the big surprise...
Lookout, folks! Kate just got a license to drive!!!

On Tuesday night we left the big girls with Granpa and Gramma and met some more old buddies for dinner in Nashville. I'm pretty sure we didn't stop laughing the entire 3 hours we were together.
Well, okay, I guess Brad and Mike stopped laughing long enough for me to shoot this picture. What nerds.
On Wednesday we all went paddle-boating (an experience that I thought was very enjoyable, but Brad says was way too much work) then headed out to Adam & Rosie's to spend the night in the 'boro. We worshipped at our old congregation in Murfreesboro and visited with so many friends that evening.

Maggie and Michael had alot of catching up to do... These girls were a hoot. I wish I could have had the video camera on them all day so you could have heard their conversations.
Uncle Adam put together this amazing swingset for Claire's 2nd birthday. The girls just loved it.
Then it was swimming time. The second before the girls drove Rosie crazy asking "are you done yet?" I had them come back up on the driveway to wait for her to finish. They decided they all wanted to hold hands while the waited.
Then they decided to share secrets.
Michael sucked on his thumb in the garage

while the girls swam.

Then it was time to get ready to go back to Gramma and Granpa's

to celebrate the 4th, and my birthday (yeah, right. My Mom even forgot to call this year - I must be getting old). Jeremy and Jessica came all the way from Chattanooga to be with us. Well, Jessica came to be with us - Jeremy came to play sports. We got to meet Baby Sadie for the first time. She is so precious.

This was our view for the week...

Then it was time to load everything back up and give Granpa and Gramma their house back. Rosemary would never admit it, but she had to be absolutely worn to a frazzle after we left. I hope Carl took her out to eat that evening =)

So far the only thing we've noticed we left behind is my cell phone :-/. How did our parents ever live without those things?

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Alaina said...

Love the new look! Your vacation must have been so much fun and so busy! It was great seeing you yesterday...we must get together again soon!