Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sweet Kate

Kathryn said her first unprompted prayer this afternoon at lunch:

"Thank you God, so much... for Daddy... Amen"

She's also just started noticing that there are lots of "treasures" in the couch, so frequently throughout the day I walk in the living room to find all the couch cushions thrown on the floor. Yesterday she found a Gobstopper... probably from Halloween? Yummy!

Her favorite story right now is "The Three Little Pigs". She loves the "wuf" (wolf). Today she grabbed Brad's CPA review book, and said: "Uyia, tum here. I read you stuwy. Once upon time, the wuf puff and he puff. Do away!!! Do away!!! And the wuf do away. The end."

I think that's the abridged version :)

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