Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Allen took a picture!"

Yesterday, the Mason's all met us down at the Discovery Center to take some pictures of the girls. Allen took the pictures while the rest of us stood around making funny faces and noises trying to get good smiles. After the pictures, Megan and Morgan took Kate to the play area to climb though the tunnels and slide. She thought that was the greatest! The rest of the afternoon she said, "Allen took a picture! Megan, slide! Morgan, slide!" Needless to say, she was not ready to come back home. :)

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McIntosh Twins said...


Those are very good pictures! I love the dresses. Did you make those?


Jeremy said...

Those are so sweet! And I guess those dresses fit just fine...they look adorable!

We just went to our discovery museum on Tuesday! We bought a year membership b/c it pays for itself in only 3 visits! Shelby had a blast and we loved watching her!


Samuel said...

How sweet; it is so wild to see Olivia standing like such a big girl---she shouldn't be doing that! How fast she's growing !

rs said...

Oh, I just LOVE the first one, and the last one, too. Okay, they are all great. I can't wait to see everything. Your girls are just too beautiful!

Jen said...


ash said...

i love these pics.