Saturday, July 28, 2007

Normality Returns

Things have been in a bit of a stir around our house lately. Every night around 8 there was a hurry and scurry to get girls put down, a rushing to get drinks and change into comfy clothes, and a race to see who could open their Harry Potter book the fastest.

This was it. The one that ended it all. And now, it is over. Harry's fate is sealed. Good prevailed over evil once again.

The house will finally be tidied up. Neat stacks of clean clothes will fill the dressers. Brad's much neglected CPA study books will once again feel their pages turn.

"All was well."

1 comment:

Andrew & Alaina said...

I'm reading mine right now! It's so good - we are trying to share a book, though.:) I get first dibs. :)