Friday, July 13, 2007

Random pictures

Who says you need a double stroller?

Kathryn enjoying her sand (rocks :) and water table...

...her climber...

...and her stroller.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like Olivia's not so sure about the double stroller idea... :-)

Jeremy said...

I love K's hair in the last picture!

McIntosh Twins said...

I Love your double stroller!! I bet that one is much easier to move around a store than mine!!!!


Kevin & Amy said...

Does Kathryn sit in her dolly stroller too? That's Meredith's favorite way to play with it and I keep thinking that she'll either destroy the stroller or injure herself. But what can one do?

Andrew & Alaina said...

What cute pictures and I LOVE the ones taken by Allen! Beautiful! The girls are really growing up!

Creth said...

yeah... basically, that's my plan

Creth said...


first of all, wouldn't it be funny if someone accidently spelled your name, "Miach"

say it aloud.


the beauty of the world wide web is that I too did not need to step out of the house to see any of these trailers!!! just go to!!!!

Creth said...

not enough.

seriously, isn't that the great struggle of this life? application?

I wanna see a lot of movies

I only get to see so many.

I watch plenty at home, but don't get to go to the theater as much as I'd like to

ash said...

double stroller.
who cares if they're suffocating..................???????