Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Little Livie

This is Olivia's new thing. Sucking her last two fingers and rubbing her ear. I think Claire has been a bad influence :o)
"Forget tummy time, Mom! I'm way too sleepy!"
No, she didn't really fall asleep, but almost!

These are the latest burp cloths I did. I just got these new patterns with some of my Christmas money. I thought they turned out so cute!


Megan said...

Those burpcloths are precious! Do you sell them?

Anonymous said...

Nice burp cloths. I could use one of them myself. I'd like mine with a hammer and saw please.

Being cooped us has made you mighty industrious. Even to the point of posting on the dark side.

Hang in there. sg

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like those. Go ahead and send me a dozen or so. I use them at the dinner table. sg

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics---especially the Xmas ones in the Santa hats ! (Are you still having problems posting on this site---I'm so frustrated with it; it's taken days to post my Xmas pics and even then I couldn't get all the ones to post that I wanted--ugh!) Rhonda

Anonymous said...

So who's Avery? Is that your sneaky way of telling us you're pregnant again? ;-)

~~Lauren Bassford. :)

rs said...

Oh no, not an Avery. Although, you guys do seem to produce pretty sweet little girls. Hey send Livie over here and maybe Claire can teach her some more bad habits...like waking up at 3:30am!!! AAAHHH! Hey, maybe by Superbowl time, we can actually eat pizza! YUM--

McIntosh Twins said...

OK Micah the rumor is started. Are you pregnant? I just found out yesterday by way of blog that Hannah is again! How cool!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are having another one and it's a boy I give you my permission to name him Shane. sg

Micah & Brad said...

Okay, this is getting WAY out of hand (thanks to Lauren :)

NO, NO, NO I am NOT pregnant. Final.

Jen said...

Hey girl!

Are you watching the BIG GAME tomorrow! Jason and I are SO nervous...I sure hope we win. Jon is going to the game..yes, we already told him that he sucked. :)
Anyway, hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed catching up on your last few posts :) :)