Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I never would have believed it

Baby Micah
Baby Olivia

From the minute Olivia was born I thought I was holding Brad. She was his spitten image! Brad even said when he would look at her he thought he was looking in the mirror. The only person who didn't think she looked like Brad was his mother. Well, I guess of all people, she would know, but I still didn't believe her... until Brad and I pulled out the baby pictures the other day. Pretty crazy. Although, that baby picture doesn't really look a thing like me. That's my consolation.


McIntosh Twins said...

WOW!!!! She even has the same exact hairline!

Jen said...

Yes I would say Olivia looks like you. Kathryn totally looks like a little Brad though.

And can you believe our Colts?!?!?! So great!! I am going to be so nervous before the game AND during the game. Oh I hope we can do it!

Kevin said...

Baby Olivia is definitely cuter than Baby Micah! ;)

Michael said...

Holy Moly! I am not very good at the who looks like who game, but I can tell who mommy is!

oh...and Go Titans!