Monday, January 22, 2007


If you point to her and ask her who she is, nine times out of ten she will say, "Elmo"

Her favorite things to do with Olivia are: "burpa" (burp her), Sit on her, or lay down beside her while she is having tummy time and put her arm around her.

When Olivia wakes up from her naps and Kathryn first sees her, she always says, "hi, Kate!". If you correct her and say, "No, it's 'hi, Olivia!'", she will still respond with, "hi, Kate!"

She says "no" alot. The only way to tell if she really means it is if she says it in a really high pitched voice.

If Olivia spits up and I am not in the room, she will come find me and say, "Uh oh, spi-up".

She LOVES to talk on the phone. And when I say phone, that means anything even close to the shape or color of a phone. Her "conversations" usually go something like this:
"O?" (hello)
"I" (hi)
"oh to tomi no, no bae " (not sure, yet)
"K. Right" (okay, alright)

If you say, "One", her face lights up and she responds: "twwwwooo, treeeeee!"

She likes to say prayers. alot. At various times throughout the day she will come over to me, say "pay", grab my hand, say some jibberish, then say "men". If I don't follow her lead, she will reach up to my head and push it down and say, "pay, es".

What sweet little girls the Lord has blessed us with...
Kathryn sporting her new Elmo slippers

After enjoying an ice cream sandwich, courtesty of Aunt Rosie


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McIntosh Twins said...

Great Post! You gotta love those sweet little babies!

Hey are you all going Labor Day weekend? I am really looking foward to it!


Andrew & Alaina said...

How adorable and cute pics, too!

rs said...

So, when are we going shopping at Abercrombie?

Jen said...

love it!

Kevin & Amy said...

Cute. Isn't this such a fun stage? I can just imagine the two girls together. It sounds like Kathryn is such a good big sister.