Friday, March 20, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God

The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.
Psalm 19:1 (NKJV)

As I was waiting the long hours for Brad to get home from work last night, I put in Miss Potter - One of my favorite movies (right now, at least :) . Brad came home about half-way into it, and neither of us could stop talking about how beautiful the country is where the movie was filmed. God's country. God's creation. His Fingerprints are all over it! It wasn't Photoshopped, it isn't 'just in the movie', it is real country. Today is the first day of Spring, and it is a gorgeous day outside. The trees are just starting to bud, the tulips are about 6" out of the ground, and the buttercups have just opened their blossoms. This is a day to rejoice in God's creation. Give Him thanks for every good thing.

Where do you see God's fingerprints? Here's how to join in.
Blog with your interpretation of God's fingerprints. Be sure to link back to PamperingBeki so others can find the entire list of participants!

Thanks, Beki, for helping me remember to look for God's fingerprints!


Rebekah said...

I liked that movie! Although it was a bit sad... but look at all that green! Beautiful.

artsyclay said...

I haven't seen the movie...will put it on my list to see. What a beautiful place in the photo!

PamperingBeki said...

All that green and rolling hills are so beautiful.

Thanks for joining in! I hope to see you again soon.