Saturday, January 24, 2009

New clothes, and the need for chocolate

Gramma sent a package to the girls this week with new clothes for each of them. They were ecstatic, and she couldn't have picked better for them. When Kathryn spotted hers she said, "Oh, Mom, I hope these are mine! It has a belt!!!" When Livie saw hers she said, "Look, Mom, pockets and a zipper!" It's the little things...

Here is Kate modeling her belt:

Maggie got new clothes too, but she wouldn't even smile about them:

Sad, but true:

Sundays are really full days for us, especially now while Brad is teaching a class at a friend's house Sunday night after church for the high school kids. I was so proud of Livie because she had made it through all of the days activities without one single accident: Bible class, church, nap, church again, then during the class at our friend's house. So in the middle of the class when she said she had to go potty, I hurried to take her, and sure enough she had held it, and had to go! I praised her up one side and down the other. Of course, she wanted to know if she would be getting a treat, and I explained to her that we were in the middle of the Bible class and my purse was downstairs, but as soon as I could get to it, she would get a treat. She blinked a hard, long blink and said, "Well. But I need chot-late." She may look like Brad, but trust me, she is 100% female.
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Megan said...

no accidents, especially while away from home, is worth chot late!

Jen said...

atta girl!