Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Happy New Year

We opted to host "the New Year's Party" at our house this year - mostly so we wouldn't have to leave the party early so our kids could go to bed =). It was such a fun time. We invited the whole congregation, knowing several wouldn't be able to come, and thinking we could probably squeeze all who did in. We ended up with about 40. Everyone broke off into groups and snacked and played games until the ball dropped, then went back to finish up their games before heading out.
Of course, my favorite and most memorable New Year of all was 7 years ago, when Brad proposed to me. Unfortunately, I don't have the ring to prove it =(. I lost it somewhere between here and Pittsboro the week before Christmas. Oh well. At least I have the memories - and a wonderful husband. (and no, it was not insured, and yes, I'm sure about that, so don't ask :-P)

Thanks to all who came! We plan to make this a new tradition!!!

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Amy K said...

So sorry to hear about the ring! I recently thought I lost mine too but then found it. Hope yours turns up!!

Enjoyed catching up through pictures. Maybe one of these days I'll post mine. Since we (finally) got our internet hooked back up, it seems like I've only had five minutes here and there to be online. :)

Rhonda J said...

Micah! Hi honey, it is me, Rhonda Cox. I found your blog through Meredith's and I am so glad that I did. I love seeing the pictures of your babies. They are beautiful! Also I liked looking and reading about your New Years Eve party. That is one of my fondest memories from "the good ole days". I loved spending time with the whole congregation. I recognized some of the people in the photos but only a couple. I will be following your blog now. I have one too if you want to look:
Again, it is great to learn about your life as a mommy. You were just a child the last time I saw you but I will never forget all of the times spent with you and your family. Take care.