Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Kathryn: a trip to Aunt Hannah's

Me: Do you remember that time we went to Aunt Hannah's? Tell me about that trip
Kate: Umm... we went on the big road and everybody was sleeping. And then we got there and we saw Cozy and Truman! And Torbin (Corbin)!
Me: Do you love Corbin?
Kate: Yes. I'm going to marry him.

Me: What are you doing here?
Kate: WATCHING CINDERELLA!!! That's my favorite movie. I picked it out and everyone watched it with me.

Me: Whoa! This looks like negligence! What is happening here?
Kate: (laughing) Maggie!!! She falled under there!!!
Me: Hmmm... is that kittens? What's the story here?
Kate: Of kittens. I love that story. We were playing house and Cozy was the mommy.

Me: That sounded like such a fun trip. Do you ever plan to go back?
Kate: Mom, can we go on Sunday? I just love Cozy and Truman and Corban and Silas. Can we, Mom? Can we go in the morning? Mom? Mom? Can we? Yes or no.

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McIntosh Twins said...

The girls call the interstate the big road as well! That is so funny!