Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Now that we've been free from throw up for 48 hours, I guess it's time to start cooking again :). Brad is the only one that escaped (so far) the worst stomach flu that I've ever had. I'm SO thankful that we're finally on the mend, and to celebrate, the girls and I finally got out of the house today and did all of our grocery shopping. This morning at breakfast Kathryn asked if she could have some "alligator" to drink... Yes, we've been keeping lots of Gatorade on hand lately :).

Monday: eat with friends

Tuesday: Lime chicken, broccoli, cooked carrots, 30-minute rolls

Wednesday: Beef stroganoff, cornbread, green beans

Thursday: Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Friday: out to eat with friends

Saturday: Poppy seed chicken, Lima beans, 30-minute rolls


Anonymous said...

Mmmm alligator, that sounds great. I have actually eaten alligator before, don't think that Kate would like it. Mmmm, lime chicken sounds good. Something different would be good around here.

Kevin & Amy said...

Fun to read your menu plan. I like to get ideas when reading others'!

Also, how awesome of your cousin to send the scrap booking stuff. I'm itching to sit down and do some of that. Well, truthfully, I'm partly looking forward to it and partly dreading it since I'm SO behind. :-/

Bet you're getting excited about the move in a few months, right? We're going to start looking at houses this summer. Can't wait!