Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas was the best ever

Do I say that every year? I do think it gets better every year. As the kids get older, it just gets more and more fun. We started the festivities at Brad's aunt and uncle's house for the annual "Stocking Stuffer" party. His extended family gets together usually the last weekend before Christmas and does stockings for all the kids. The girls were SO excited to see Grandpa and Gramma and had such a fun time getting to finally open some presents.
We were so excited that we got to hook up with Brad's cousin Luke and his wife Shannon on Christmas Eve, even if it was only for an hour at McDonald's.
Then it was off to Opryland Hotel to check out the lights and eat supper
This was the best food I've ever eaten at a restaurant. It was absolutely amazing! I kept willing myself to not get full so I could try more things :)
When we woke up the next morning, there was no denying that Santa had been there! He brought the girls this terrific wagon! Unfortunately, there was no room in the truck for it, so we haven't gotten much of a chance to try it out yet. Gramma and Grandpa are going to bring it up when they come, and hopefully we can try it out at the Children's Museum :)
After presents Gramma made the best breakfast ever - Brad's favorite! Then for supper she went all out with our annual beef tenderloin dinner - amazing!!!

Olivia watching for Pheobe :)
Kathryn got to help make breakfast with Gramma every morning while Mommy and Daddy slept in :)

Many thanks to Brad's parents, for not only putting up with us for an entire week, but for treating us like kings and queens! It really was the best Christmas ever!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww..... I miss you guys!!!!! All those wipes for $13 dollars..... That is amazing. :) Love you..!!!!