Thursday, January 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday posted on Thursday night :) (but planned last Sunday :)

I've never been a big resolution maker when the New Year hits. I've always tried, then fail by the end of January. So this year, I resolved to make changes as they needed to be made - not because it was January 1st :). I did, however, decide to jump on board with the $35/week meal planning, and since things have been so crazy since Thanksgiving, the obvious time to start was the first of the year. This is our second week now, and so far, so good! I do plan to post my menus every week, and wanted to go ahead and post this week's even though it's almost over :)


fresh fruit every morning
waffles ( this lasts us for 2 mornings)
banana bread
pancakes (this lasts us for 2 mornings)
omelets (use leftover green pepper and sausage from pizza night & cheese)

note: Brad will be at an audit job all week and will be eating all of his lunches out
The girls and I will mix and match these things all week:
peanut butter and crackers (peanut butter was free after coupon at Meijer's this week and crackers were free at CVS after coupon this week!)
crackers and cream cheese (Mom had bought 6 lbs of cream cheese at Sam's and offered me a pound)
fresh fruit (my sister Christi brought tangerines from FL when she came home for Christmas - plenty for this week and next. I found a bag of apples at Meijer that were reduced to $1)
yogurt (manager's special at Kroger $0.50)
Kashi cookies (this may sound more like dessert, but trust me, it is nothing but WHOLE GRAIN all the way! I actually feel really good about giving these to my girls for lunches!)
Kashi snack crackers (the Kashi products were $0.50 at Target after coupons)
Carrots and broccoli with Ranch dip


Sunday lunch: potato soup (potatoes were $0.50/5lb bag at Target), fresh fruit, carrots and dip

Monday: Lime chicken (chicken $1.88/lb at Marsh), 30 minute rolls, cooked carrots, peas

Tuesday: *went out to eat with Mom and Dad

Wednesday: Pizza with sausage, pepperoni, and green pepper

Thursday: Chili, cheddar bay biscuits

Friday: *going to eat at some friend's house

Saturday: Parmesan chicken, fettuccine (have whipping cream I need to use up :), frozen veggies

Sunday lunch: Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

I probably won't be this detailed every week about how much I paid for everything that we're having, but wanted to do that this week so you could see how it was possible to only spend $35/wk! This budget will also include our personal care items (which I plan to get mostly for free at CVS every week - more on that later), paper goods, and diapers/wipes.

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Jeremy said...

That sounds great! And it sounds like a lot of work. I don't know if I would have enough energy to shop at all those stores! I'm doing well to get to Walmart and Aldi. Although I have been making larger meals and freezing half for later.

P.S. Share your secrets!