Thursday, March 23, 2006

Irish Twins

Originally I had heard (from a much less reliable source) that Irish twins were siblings born within two years of each other. Well, sorry to let you guys down. No Irish twins here :o)! Thought this was interesting anyway...

[Q] From Swami Murugananda: “I recently heard the expression, Irish twins. What does it mean and would you cast some light as to its origin?”
[A] What it means is easy enough to explain. It refers to siblings born in the same calendar year, or otherwise less than twelve months apart. It’s clearly a deeply derogatory comment about the stereotypical fecundity (and lack of contraception) of Irish Catholic families. It’s probably twentieth-century, but I can find little evidence that would help to tie it down (it may be relevant that it isn’t listed in the 1984 edition of Eric Partridge’s Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English). So far as I can tell from the places I’ve found it, all online, it’s primarily an American expression; it’s also known in Britain, but it doesn’t often find its way into print, no doubt because it is considered offensive.

So, which is harder to handle: biological twins, Irish twins, or siblings born within 15 months of each other?


Jen said...

Yeah so I told my Mom you were expecting again so soon and she said to call her. :) Jon and Jason were born when I was 15 at least your not having twins! But as she pointed out.....look how close we three are to each other!

Your kids will be good buddies!

ash said...

i would say defffffinitly two kids that are fifteen months apart...but that just means i can babysit two beauutiful kids at one time...kat is my new favorite baby
thanks for letting me watch her!!!
love ya

ShaneG said...

I would think that bio twins would be the "hardest". Two brand new babies crying for food in the middle of the night, constant diaper changes, etc. Raising youngins in any situation is work. Sure glad there are moms to do it all (just kidding).

Evie & Chris' Mommy said...

My Irish Twins are 10 1/2 months apart and sometimes I think its the hardest, but then at times my oldest can be destracted by the tv and you cant really do that with one of two newborns.