Thursday, March 02, 2006


I'm always just a little homesick when my Mom and Dad leave. They surprised Brad and me (and mostly Kathryn) and came for the day. Yes, only my Mom and Dad would drive 6 hours for one day, but I'm not complaining! I've learned to appreciate whatever amount of time I can get! And let me say, we made the most of it! As soon as I heard they were coming I started my list of chores! I would show pictures, but since I forgot to take "before" pictures, the "after" pictures would not be near as impressive. Dad cleaned out our outside storage while Mom and I worked on reorganizing the office, and cleaning out some miscellaneous drawers. It is absolutely amazing what you can get done in just one day with a little help staying focused!
It was such a beautiful day today, that Kathryn and I got to spend some time outside. She got to taste a lot of new things: thyme, a piece of a broken terra cotta pot, dried geranium, rock, and dirt to name a few. Mostly she didn't like them, but the thyme I had a very difficult time getting out of her mouth! She can't wait until this summer when she can go to Grandma and Grandpa's and play out at the country and splash in the creek with Pheobe!!!


Anonymous said...

Say, if your mom and dad can get that kind of work done I wouldn't mind if they came and visited me. Maybe Westvue could have your dad for a gospel meeting and the parents could stay with us. We'd feed them and everything. : ) sg

Anonymous said...

Well hey, if you are going to let us keep the Kat, we won't bother with the folks. :}

kaeden.aleksandr said...

My e-mail address is or
I think that it is so wonderful that your parents come visit, even if it is only for a day! That is important for Kathryn and you and Brad as well. Can't wait to hear from you in an e-mail soon.

Angie said...

Sorry this is sort of impersonal, but I just wanted to let you know that we set the date for the wedding. It's going to be July 28th. So set your calendars. More details later about that. I can't believe how big Kathryn has gotten. I can't wait to see her...and you of course! I love you guys!

Andrea said...

Girl, i can relate on the homesick front. Did i tell you we are moving back to Texas? oh, i can't wait to be closer to my family...that's awesome about you doing it naturally and at home. I'll admit, at when i first heard about at home births, i thought that was extreme, but I think it is a cool idea and can totally see the appeal of it. Me personally, i just wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Charlie REALLY doesn't like the idea of a homebirth...and my mom is a nurse, so of course the hospital is her 1st choice. i DO plan on going natural though. i've been doing stretches for months and I'm starting to focus on the relaxation part of it all. i really like it so far. Any pointers you can give would be great. love you girl!!


kerri said...

i got to see your baby yesterday.. :)