Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Clean House!!!

Many, many thanks to my wonderful Mother-In-Law who came a couple of days ago and cleaned my nasty house for me. She felt sorry for me and offered to come and help out for a day, and boy I bet she was sorry she did! I really put her to work! For the first time in... well, I won't say how long... all three of my bathrooms are clean! They are never all clean at once! In addition to company on Sunday night and Thursday night, two of my nephews spent the night last night, so for the most part, everything is a mess again, but I do have the joy of knowing that at some point this week, my house was clean. And that is (was) a good feeling :o).


Anonymous said...

I believe it was the preacher George Lamasters (sp?) who said in a gospel meeting series on the home, "a home should be clean enough to be sanitary and dirty enough to be comfortable". sg

Anonymous said...

He also told of a man who brought a goat home for a pet. The wife began to nag him with a bunch of questions.
Wife: what will the goat eat?
Husband: it will eat anyhing.

Wife: where will it sleep?
Husband: oh, it can sleep in the house

Wife: well, what about the smell.
Husband: oh, don't worry, he'll get use to it!


Jen said...

If I lived close I would come help you clean and babysit Kathryn for ya anyday. If only.... :)

You should move to Indy.. ;) Especially since we are getting 5-8 INCHES OF SNOW TONIGHT. Grrrr...I am not happy about that. If this was January...ok I can deal with it...but today is the first day of spring.

Anonymous said...

I notice you are online... are you still??

I have a couple current photos of my girls 3 posts down on my pleo... if you care to peek. (I think they are cuties!)

Anonymous said...

And a side... I LOVE your parents!

The very little time I've spent with them was SO encouraging.

Did you know your dad took some time away form a meeting trip to Starkville just to go over some pre marrriage advice with me??

Creth said...

actually... they DON't hurt my eyes, I just don't prefer to use them on me blog :).

"all of these people" are my college roommates (minus Brian's brother)

the wedding WAS in Texas, "the Hill Country" to be exact!

any other questions???

(when are you due?)

ashes ashes we all fall down said...

those pics are FOR REALLLL...coming
i promiseeeee...=/

btw...i love your mac and cheese