Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maggie grows

Maggie is getting so big, so quickly. Okay, I'll be honest, it's really too quick for me. With your first child, generally speaking, you're so anxious for them to move to the next step, and you're so anxious to watch them grow. By the second, and especially for me, the third (and I'm sure even more so with subsequent children), you realize how quickly the time goes by, and you just want them to slow down! Where has 7 months gone? She is crawling all over the place, saying "dadadada", and her favorite food is sweet potatoes (but she'll eat anything you put in front of her - including beads, thank you Livie.) Even more than being a "Mama's girl" she is her sisters' girl. She is crazy about those two! The other day I had her in the office with me and the girls were in their room playing. I turned around and she was gone! I found her right in the middle of the girl's room, just taking in all the action. They love and adore her just as much. Kathryn is constantly asking to hold her - even though she is almost as big as Kathryn :-O, and Olivia's favorite way to "help" is to feed her. She is so blessed to be so loved, and we are so blessed to have her to love.

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