Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kathryn never stops talking

Ever! Sometimes if she actually falls asleep during nap time it will be quiet in her corner of the house, but otherwise, her mouth goes all day. Most of the time, Brad gets home in the evening and I say, "Oh, Kate said something really funny today..." and I can't remember for the life of me what it was. So today I decided to write them down as she said them. Here's a taste of our day:

Kate: "Did God make this cheese?"
Me: "Yes, God has made and given us everything that we have."
Kate: (looking thoughtful) "Did God make this at the grocery store or where did He make it?"

(Me putting up the coffee maker in the kitchen)
Kate: "Oh, Mom! That was what Gramma used while she was here!!"
Me: "Yes, but since she is gone, I think I'll put it up now."
Kate: "How will we ever get her back??? I miss her so much this day."

In the adult Bible class at church, we're memorizing Psalm 27. I got a little behind, so I've been desperately trying to catch up before Wednesday night. I've been repeating it every waking moment. When Kate woke up from her nap, guess what I was doing =)
Kate: "Are you done saying that yet?"
Me: "Are you tired of hearing me say it?"
Kate: (let out a huge breath) "Do you hear how tired I am?"

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Jen said...

Love it! Little kids say the funniest things!