Monday, April 09, 2007

The Hunt

Yesterday was quite an adventure for Kate. We drove to Gramma and Grampa's house for the annual Petty family Easter egg hunt. Kate had discovered last week that there was "tandy" in these special eggs. That was all the incentive she needed. By yesterday, she was a pro. She had to shake every egg she picked up to make sure she wasn't tricked into wasting precious basket space on an empty egg.

Thanks to Kate, we now have a basket full of candy. Thanks to her milk allergy, I have a basket full of chocolate all to myself...

Olivia's best bud Naomi
The whole gang


Jeremy said...

Cute, cute cute! I know the girls had a blast and I'm sure you did too! Miss you tons,

Jen said...

Yeah I totally laughed outloud at your description of you looking very white trash. I think you have been living in TN too long...(GET OUT!!!!)

(j/k...I can only imagine you look very classy growing out your hair)


rs said...

Those pictures are adorable. I was just thinking about how all the chocolate at our house has disappeared too fast. Feel like sharing with a neighbor?

Andrew & Alaina said...

Very cute! Looks like such a fun Easter!